Problems With Lawn Sprinklers

The goal of irrigation is to provide a uniform amount of water over the entire lawn's surface area. Sprinkler systems provide a superior method of water distribution compared with watering with a hose. Consisting of underground pipes and above-ground pressure valves and sprinkler heads, lawn sprinklers can be complex systems that require routine inspections and maintenance for optimal performance.

Broken Sprinkler Heads

Broken sprinkler heads are the result of simple wear and tear and require immediate replacement once detected. Just one broken sprinkler head reduces the water pressure throughout the entire irrigation system. This resulting loss of pressure reduces the amount and uniformity of water delivered by the system. Broken sprinkler heads are most readily identified by missing, bent or cracked components.

Sprinkler Obstructions

Sprinkler obstructions include any grass, dirt or leaves that block the flow of water from the sprinkler's spout. Clean the spout with a soft cloth at regular intervals to remove any debris that is visibility obstructing the flow of water from the sprinkler. Another common cause of sprinkler obstruction is insufficient sprinkler height above the turfgrass. Either mow to a lower height or remove the topsoil around the sprinkler to eliminate the obstruction.

Sprinkler Discontinuity

Different sprinkler systems use different patterns and flow rates for delivering water. The result can be an uneven distribution of water to the lawn, causing different areas of the lawn to receive too much or too little water. If you are using multiple types of lawn sprinklers, such as rotor and non-rotor sprinkler devices or a mismatch of different manufacture products, convert to one type and one brand for the entire lawn.

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