Lawn Tips for Weeds

Weed control starts long before you apply pesticides or start pulling weeds by hand. Your lawn is in constant competition with weeds, which may be hardier, faster growing and quicker to spread. To prevent them from taking over, do everything you can to strengthen your own lawn. This will minimize the grunt work of killing weeds later.

Mow Properly

Mow frequently and keep your lawn high. The higher the grass in your lawn is, the cooler and darker the surface beneath it. Without light, it is very difficult for weeds to get started. Cutting off a large portion at a time will weaken the grass, allowing the weeds to get a foothold. To avoid straining and thinning it, never cut off more than a third of the length of the grass.


Don't let your soil get compacted. If your lawn is frequently treaded or your soil has very high clay content, the upper layers will get dense, weakening the grass root system and allowing hardy weeds to get a foothold. Use a plug core aerator at least once a year to break up thatch and strengthen your grass roots.

Control Planting

One of the best ways to fight lawn weeds is to avoid planting them in the first place. Even high-quality grass seed is imperfectly sorted and contains an inevitable weed seed here or there. Use high quality grass or turf seed with as few non-grass seeds as possible. It will cost a little more but will ensure that you have a healthy, weed free lawn from Day 1.

Buy the Right Grass

Select a type of grass suitable for your location and care for it properly. If your grass is too tender for the cold winters in your climate or not hardy enough for typical heat spells, it will give local weeds a chance to grow when the weather becomes extreme. If your lawn contains both shaded and sunny areas, consider using mixed grass seeds capable of growing in both areas.

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