A List of Plants Native to Australia

Australia is a land of stunning environmental diversity. Though the majority of the country is desert, known as the Australian outback, Australia also encompasses tropical and subtropical rain forests, swamps, grasslands and rich woodlands. Australia is home to unique native plants, many of which can't be found anywhere else in the world.


Out of the more than 700 species of Eucalyptus tress, almost all are native to Australia. Some Eucalyptus species include the Spotted Gum (Corymbia maculata), a tall eucalyptus with creamy white bark found in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria, and the Silver Gum (Eucalyptus crenulata) a silver leafed Eucalyptus that attracts birds and grows in Victoria. The Fuchsia Gum (Eucalyptus forrestiana) of Western Australia showcases stunning deep red hanging flowers in the summer and fall.


The Eremophila genus is a genus of 215 shurb like plants, all of which are native to Australia. Commonly known as Emubush or Poverty Bush, the fruits from this plant are a valuable food source for emus. Emubushes with particularly attractive flowers include the Spotted Poverty Bush (Eremophila abietina), which grows in Western Australia and displays star shaped violet flowers, and the brilliant orange and red blossomed Slender Fuschia (Eremophila decipiens) of Southern and Western Australia.


Australia is home to a number of native hibiscus species. One is particularly rare--the Philip Island Hibiscus (Hibiscus insularis), a critically endangered flower that only grows on the Philip Island, near Norfolk Island. The flower is a pale green that changes to a pale purple as it ages. Though the plant is now being cultivated, the natural population is staggeringly low, with only two clumps living in the wild on Philip Island. Another beautiful native hibiscus is the Swamp Hibiscus (Hibiscus diversifolius), found in swamp regions throughout Queensland and South Wales. The Swamp Hibiscus is a sprawling shrub that boasts slightly prickly leaves and light yellow flowers with deep red insides.

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