Gerber Daisy Ideas for a March Wedding

Gerber daisies are fun and informal flowers, perfect for semi-formal or outdoor weddings. Although their popularity means that they are available all year round, March, being the month that spring officially starts, is a good month for them if spring is one of the themes of your wedding.

Bouquets and Boutonnieres

This is one of the easiest ways to add gerber daisies to a wedding: use them in the bouquets and boutonnieres. Distinguish the maid or matron of honor's bouquet by choosing a different color daisy than the bridemaids' bouquets, and do the same for the bride. Alternatively, use different colors of daisies for the bridemaids' and maid or matron of honor's bouquets, and then bring both colors together for the bridal bouquet.

Ring Bearer Pillow

Add a daisy to the ring bearer pillow, slipping the rings on the stem of the gerber daisies or tying them on with a ribbon tied in a bow. Replace the pillow with a platter in order to make sure the flower doesn't fall off.

Gerber Daisy and Candy Centerpieces

Make a centerpiece with a clear vase, gerber daisies and candy. Place a few daisies of the same color in a clear vase. Place candies of the same color as the daisies' petals in the vase to hold the stems upright and in the center of the vase.

Gift Box and Favor Topper

Instead of placing a big bow on the top of a gift or favor box for your wedding guests, glue on the bloom of a gerber daisy or tuck a flower into the ribbon. The latter method is better for fresh flowers. If you want to glue on a bloom, choose a silk bloom instead.

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