How to Fix a Flat Riding Lawn Mower Tire


As you mow your grass with your riding lawn mower, there's a good chance you will eventually drive over a sharp object, which can lodge in your tire and eventually cause a flat. Rather than completely replace the tire, you can fix a flat lawn mower tire for a much lower cost. Many home improvement stores carry kits to fix flat tires on cars, and these will work on riding lawn mowers, too.

Step 1

Locate the foreign object in the tire. If you cannot find it at first, look for a hole in the tire and listen for escaping air. Once you have found it, grasp the object with pliers and pull it out. If the tire is under a lot of air pressure, the foreign object will shoot out of the tire and possibly cause bodily injury, so always let the air out of the tire before removing a foreign object.

Step 2

Dab two to three drops of rubber cement o to the probe tool and insert it into the puncture wound. Push it in and out while twisting to clean and enlarge the hole. Repeat this process two to three times to ensure the hole is thoroughly cleaned and enlarged.

Step 3

Pull the repair plug halfway through the hole in the needle tool so that there are equal amounts sticking out of each side.

Step 4

Dab two to three drops of rubber cement on the end of the needle tool. Insert the end of the needle tool into the pole and push it in so that a quarter-inch of plug material remains on the outside of the tire.

Step 5

Twist the handle of the needle tool a quarter turn and pull it out of the tire. The plug should remain inside the tire. Cut the remaining portion of plug material down to 1/8-inch above the surface of the tire.

Step 6

Inflate the tire back to its recommended air pressure.

Things You'll Need

  • Tire plug kit
  • Rubber cement
  • Pliers
  • Scissors


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