How to Make Floral Sconces


Sconces are narrow containers usually made from ceramic or metal, installed on pillars, walls, fences or other structures to decorate a spot. These are filled with similar- or different-colored tall or cascading flowers and foliage, thus forming a beautiful accent piece at occasions such as birthdays, weddings and formal dinners. A few sconces tucked with an assortment of flowers and placed strategically at the venue serve as subtle yet classy decoration. With a few inexpensive tools and material in hand, create a few floral sconce arrangements for any occasion.

Step 1

Select fresh flowers and cascading greenery such as ferns or ivy for your floral sconces. Make sure the flowers complement the theme of the occasion.

Step 2

Measure and cut floral foam to fit inside the sconce with a sharp knife, and submerge it in water to saturate it completely.

Step 3

Spread a clear sheet of cellophane inside your sconce to line it. This lining also protects the sconce from water and prevents any leakages. Cut excess off so it does not protrude from the top and discard appropriately.

Step 4

Remove the floral foam from the water and place it inside the sconce, ensuring it forms a tight fit. Visualize how you want to arrange flowers in the sconce so you start adding them accordingly. Draw a sketch on paper that includes tall and trailing flowers and foliage, or use a picture from a floral magazine for guidance.

Step 5

Add foliage to the sconce first. Determine the appropriate stem length and trim excess off with scissors before pushing it up to 2 inches deep into the floral foam. Insert tall stems at the back and trailing ones at an angle near the front for an elegant cascade. Make sure you leave sufficient room for flowers.

Step 6

Add flowers to the arrangement, keeping taller ones in the back and shorter ones in front. Place them close together and insert them 2 inches in the foam. Add them to the sides as well for a symmetrical arrangement.

Things You'll Need

  • Assorted fresh flowers
  • Greenery stems
  • Floral foam
  • Water
  • Clear cellophane sheet
  • Paper
  • Pencil


  • Floral Craft Resource: Flower Arranging Ideas
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