Lawn Care Tips in Texas

Texas is a sunny, warm state with the perfect conditions for green, full turf lawns. Similar to anywhere else in the United States, Texas lawns have their fair share of problems, but a homeowner's proper care and maintenance can maintain green beauty late into the fall and recover it quickly in the spring.

Cinch Bugs

Cinch bugs are a common problem on Texas lawns during the hot, humid season of July through September. If your yard begins having brown patches, consider checking for cinch bugs with a bottomless can and some water. If cinch bugs are present, water the lawn thoroughly to bring them to the surface and kill with insecticide.

Don't Bag the Clippings

Grass clippings are an excellent source for lawn moisture retention. Consider mowing the lawn more often and leaving the clippings in place each time. To help the clippings sink in deeper below the grass line, consider watering afterward with at least one inch of water.

Fall Lawn Care

Texas weather is mild enough to allow for a healthy lawn through the fall months. For a healthier more disease resistant lawn, consider fertilizing in the fall with a fertilizer that is higher in nitrogen and phosphorus. Also, continue watering the grass through the fall and winter months to prevent frost damage.

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