Flowers That Require Full All-Day Sun

Whether you're new to gardening or an experienced green-thumb, you never stop learning about the varieties of flowers you can grow. With more than 200,000 flowering plants in existence, choosing flowers for your garden becomes a path of discovery. Growing a variety of sun-thriving flowers accentuates the brightest parts of your home garden and landscape. From drought-tolerant succulents to exotic rarities, sun-loving flowers comprise many interesting choices.


A flower in the buttercup family, the anemone thrives in temperate climates throughout the world as a highly versatile garden addition. The sun-loving anemone features a varying selection of colored petals from white and yellow to deep tones of blue and purple. They grow among deep-green foliage that provides garden beds with ground cover as well as a flower that thrives in full sunlight throughout the daytime. It thrives in loamy, humus-enriched soil.


The bellflower, or campanula, thrives in sunny temperate regions in prairies and on mountainsides. The bellflower thrives in dark soil with plenty of kitchen compost and is a perennial, meaning it will continue to bloom season after season. As the name denotes, the flowers hang from the stems in clusters of bell-shaped blossoms of purple, pink and white. Plant bellflowers along the borders of your property or in large planter boxes near the sunniest parts of your home.

Day Lily

An adaptable perennial, the day lily thrives in soil conditions that many flowers will not. They resist drought conditions and thrive in full sunlight for several hours at a time. Identified by their single tubular green stalks and lily blossoms of varying colors, the day lily makes an excellent addition to any sunny environment. Not much preparation is needed to plant day lily bulbs. Choose the sunniest part of your yard and place the bulbs about 3 inches beneath the surface. One weekly watering of three gallons of water keeps the day lilies thriving throughout the sun-drenched growing season.

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