How to Choose Lawn Edging


With even the best of care, you may find your lawn and flower beds looking a bit unkempt. As the season wears on and freshly laid mulch is gradually tracked into the surrounding grass, the lawn can turn into a mess. A simple installation of lawn edging will solve this problem with a short weekend's worth of landscaping. Lawn edging is available in a variety of materials, each with a distinct appearance. The right choice in lawn edging will help to enhance the look of your landscape and give the yard an attractive look.

Step 1

Take a walk around your yard and assess the overall style and design of your landscape. Consider the materials of your house and how you want your yard to complement or enhance these features. Wood, stone and plants can be used for edging with a very natural look. These will blend well with both mulch and grass, providing an effective barrier that does not disrupt the flow of the landscape. Concrete, brick, plastic and metal edging will stand out more on your landscape. These can complement a brick home or a modern landscape design very well.

Step 2

Draw a scale map of your yard and designate areas where you will install edging. Measure for each piece of edging. Note whether you will need curved edging in any area of your yard. Plastic and metal edging can typically be bent to match any curves in your design. Brick and concrete are the most difficult materials to use with curving lines.

Step 3

Evaluate your lawn care routine and determine the amount of work you are willing and able to put into maintaining your edging. Plant edging will need to be trimmed and weeded, but can get by with less care than other types. With most styles of edging, you will need to trim and weed carefully along the edging line to keep your lawn looking neat. Brick and concrete must be low enough to mow beside without damaging the mower blades.


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