Types of Flowers Best Used for Weddings

Wedding bouquet options are extensive, but some flowers remain favorites with brides again and again because of their traditional beauty. Brides can't go wrong if they choose a bouquet featuring certain time-tested favorites.


Roses, long associated with romance and love, are a classic choice for brides. Roses offer diverse options because of the multitude of colors, ranging from pastel to rich jewel tones. The romantic scent of the rose also helps this flower reign supreme as a wedding choice.


The exotic blooms of orchids never fail to fascinate, and brides won't go wrong with using them in their wedding bouquets. Orchids are some of the more expensive options, however, so if budget is an issue, consider using them as highlights in a mixed bouquet.


With their big, lush mophead blooms, hydrangeas are favorites in wedding bouquets. Available in pinks, blues, whites and shades in between, they work with many color schemes and are good fillers for bouquets.


Available in many shades, calla lilies have a flared and elegant bloom. They can easily be the centerpiece of wedding arrangements and make stunning bouquets all on their own. Stargazer lilies and Casablanca lilies are extremely fragrant as well as exotic in appearance.


The buxom ladies of the garden, peonies have a rich, luscious appearance and come in a wide array of colors. Their fullness lends a richness to bouquets.

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