Types of Heuchera

Heuchera plants are desirable for their outstanding beauty in both foliage and flowers. These low-growing perennials, which average around 18 inches tall and wide, are native to the United States and come in a wide range of shapes and colors. Heuchera does not grow well from seed. Instead, propagate this perennial by dividing the bulbs in early spring. All types of heuchera thrive in United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) growing zones 4 through 9.

Coral Bouquet

Coral Bouquet is a hybrid heuchera that features up to 2-foot tall stalks thickly covered with shrimp-colored flowers. The leaves are green with silver markings. This variety thrives in full or partial sunlight and very well-draining soil rich in organic matter. Coral Bouquet needs plenty of room for growth and air circulation, so this plant does well in a rock garden or raised flower bed.

Crème Brulee

Crème Brulee is one of the hardier variety of heuchera. This flower is known for its fast growth even in dry, hot climates and is a good choice if you live in USDA growing zones 8 or 9. The leaves are a creamy, yellowish-peach color and are complemented nicely by the plant's yellow flowers. Crème Brulee grows to 18 inches tall. Although drought-tolerant, this plant thrives best in evenly moist but not water-saturated soil, and will also grow in partial shade.

Frosted Violet

This variety of heuchera has stunning pinkish-violet leaves in the spring that turn deep blue in the winter. Both the spring and winter leaves have silver markings. "Frosted Violet" is also a long-blooming heuchera, featuring small, pink flowers that last from late spring to early fall. This is also a large plant, with the flower stalks reaching maximum heights of 30 inches. "Frosted Violet" grows well in partial shade or full sunlight and does best if the soil is nutrient-rich and drains well.


Marmalade is most desirable for its interesting foliage color. The tops of the leaves are a bright copper color in the spring that turns to a rich umber in the fall. The undersides of the leaves are vibrantly bright pink in both seasons. This is one of the smaller heucheras, reaching a maximum height of only 12 inches. In the summer, the plant blooms with deep red flowers. This heuchera prefers to be planted in partial shade, and thrives in evenly moist, rich soil.

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