What Kinds of Fragrant Flowers Can Be Put in a Pot?

When planning a container garden, consider adding some plants that will enhance your garden's appeal with their sweet fragrance. Choices include fragrant annuals, perennials, vines and even plants that only bloom and emit their fragrance in the evening. Choose plants that will make your garden smell as lovely as it looks.


Alyssum emits a sweet fragrance from its delicate, dainty blooms of lavender, pink or white and has a trailing habit that makes it appropriate for edges of containers. In warmer areas, it is used primarily in fall or early spring before temperatures heat up. Brugmansia 'Inca Sun' is a dwarf that grows to 4 to 6 feet tall. It begins flowering at 2 feet and produces light yellowish peach flowers that are extremely fragrant. Unlike other brugmansias, it blooms continuously. In zones 8 and lower, it is considered a tropical but can be wintered indoors. Heliotrope features clusters of tiny fragrant vanilla-scented blooms in blue, purple or white. In hot areas, it needs afternoon shade and will bloom from mid-summer to early fall. Scented geraniums, which are actually pelargoniums, work well in containers. The choices are abundant: rose, lemon, cinnamon, mint, ginger, nutmeg, apple, coconut and citronella. 'Snow Princess' Lobularia is a new plant that blooms profusely all season, is very fragrant and is more heat-tolerant than other lobularias. Paperwhite narcissus, annual bulbs in areas with winter temperatures below 35 degrees, is an extremely fragrant spring flower that can fill your home or garden with sweet scents.


The rose is the perennial most noted for its fragrance, and it has so many fragrant varieties it is difficult to choose. Some of the most fragrant include Double Delight, Elle, Memorial Day, Scentimental and Mr. Lincoln. Several varieties of Dianthus are fragrant, featuring clove scents and a variety of bloom colors including white, pink and magenta. Gardenias are well noted for their extremely fragrant flowers. They are evergreen and come in miniature sizes that work well in pots. Lilies, such as the Stargazer and Casa Blanca, are stunning in appearance and in fragrance. Spring blooming hyacinths are harbingers of spring and fill a garden with sweet fragrance. Perennials and herbs that have scented foliage that emits fragrance when brushed against include lavender, rosemary and thyme.

Night Fragrance

Four O'Clocks begin blooming in the afternoon and emit a very sweet fragrance. Their blooms are bright yellow, magenta, violet, white and pink. They sometimes have stripes and combinations of colors. Moonflower vines have huge white blooms that open in the evening and are extremely fragrant. Tuberoses are known worldwide for their exotic night fragrance and white blooms. Others to try include the flowering Nicotiana and evening stock.

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