How to Control Japanese Beetles & Grubs


Japanese beetles are pesky little insects that can do damage to your lawn or garden. They will lay eggs in your lawn that turn into larvae called lawn grubs. Lawn grubs will feed on grass roots, which will then lead to an unsightly browning lawn. The key to keeping your lawn free from Japanese beetles and grubs is recognizing when you have a problem and controlling it quickly.

Controlling Japanese Beetles and Lawn Grubs

Step 1

Dust the affected areas of your lawn or garden with baby powder. The baby powder will not kill lawn grubs, but they are repelled by the taste of it, which will cause them to find food elsewhere and leave your lawn and plants alone. Baby powder will not have any affect on your lawn.

Step 2

Make a compost tea from dirt and compost soil. Fill a large container with the compost material and then add water. Check on the mixture daily and stir it while it brews. After one week, use a strainer to drain the tea. Dilute it with ten parts water to one part tea. For example, use 10 cups of water to 1 cup of compost tea. Spray this mixture on your lawn or garden to get the beetle and grub population down.

Step 3

Mix laundry detergent with water and pour the mixture onto the affected parts of your lawn or garden. The mixture won't harm your grass or plants, but it will work effectively to kill lawn grubs. The grubs will then rise to the surface, where you can leave them for birds or other animals to pick out of the lawn.

Things You'll Need

  • Baby powder
  • Large container
  • Compost material
  • Laundry detergent


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