How to Make Floral Arrangements With Gerber Daisies


The Gerber daisy, a genus of ornamental flowers related to the sunflower, produces a wide variety of colored petals of varying shapes and sizes. The versatility in appearance of the Gerber daisy makes it an ideal candidate for floral bouquets in a wide range of occasions and themes. From intricate equilateral arrangements to simple and decorative floral pieces, creating an arrangement from Gerber daisies makes for a beautifying and enriching project. Floral arrangement, limited only by your creativity, simply involves placing the flowers together into a pleasing a decorative arrangement.

Step 1

Prepare the arrangement display by lining a cardboard shoe box with tissue paper. Use up to three sheets of paper to completely line the inside and outside of the box. Arrange the paper to where the paper is taped to the box on the inner part so as to not allow it to show from the outside. Alternatively, you can use a vase, a basket or practically any other base in which to hold your flower arrangement.

Step 2

Fill the cardboard shoe box with potting soil. The potting soil will help retain the life of the flower display temporarily. It also adds a rustic and natural touch to the arrangement. Reserve approximately 2 cups of soil and put it to the side. If you are using a vase or other container for your flowers, instead of a box, add 2 cups of water to the vase to preserve the flowers.

Step 3

Wrap the silk ribbon around the top border of the shoe box, on the outside part of it. Approximately 24 inches of silk ribbon should be used for both ends to meet and create a bow. Tie the ribbon into a large fluffy bow, or simply tie it as most of it will be concealed by the foliage and flowers of the arrangement. Alternatively, choose a ribbon that is already formed into the shape of a bow, and affix it to the box.

Step 4

Line the inner walls of the cardboard shoe box with foliage such as decorative grass or golden pythos vines.

Step 5

Bundle approximately 3 lbs. of fully intact Gerber daisies in your hand. Make sure all the blooms are facing in the right direction. Use daisies with stems between 3 and 5 inches in length and leave all of the leaves on them.

Step 6

Place the daisies directly into the center of the shoe box, and arrange them to where all of the blooms are evenly bundled together.

Step 7

Anchor the daisies into the box by pressing the stems into the soil until they can't be pushed down any further.

Step 8

Fill in the spaces between the Gerber daisies and the lined inner walls of the box with an assortment of your choice of flowers. Ideal choices include purple snapdragons, blue poppies and pussy willows. You don't have to arrange the flowers into a particular theme or pattern, so just let your creativity guide you.

Step 9

Insert sprigs of baby's breath into various parts of the Gerber daisy arrangement. Use varying colors of baby's breath such as light pink, white and lavender.

Step 10

Present the arrangement at an outdoor event or give it to someone special to use as a temporary indoor source of flora.

Things You'll Need

  • Assorted Gerber daisies, colors and varieties optional
  • Baby's breath, 1 lb. bundle
  • Silk ribbon, color optional
  • Cardboard shoe box
  • Tissue paper, 3-12 by 12-inch sheets, color optional
  • Potting soil, approximately 8 cups
  • Clear tape
  • Assorted flower varieties


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