How to Take Care of Maple Trees in the Fall


Different varieties of maple trees may have specific requirements when they are being planted. However, once they have been established, they share many similarities with regard to care. Maples have shallow root systems that are close to the surface, so it is important not to disturb them. While all maples benefit from regular fertilization, such treatments should cease in fall and winter as the trees become dormant. If you notice that your maple is having problems, you may want to consult a certified arborist for assistance.

Step 1

Water your maple deeply with the garden hose. Do not direct the water stream directly at the trunk or base of the tree. Instead, water the ground a few inches away from the base of the tree. This will help prevent root rot.

Step 2

Measure a distance of 6 inches from the base of your maple. Stick a chopstick into the ground.

Step 3

Repeat the measurement and chopstick placement at eight points around the base of the tree. The chopsticks should form a rough circle.

Step 4

Wrap twine around the outside of the ring of chopsticks. It is OK to loop the twine around each chopstick once as you wrap for added stability.

Step 5

Apply mulch a couple inches deep in a ring around the outside of the ring of chopsticks and twine. This mulch ring should be slightly more than a foot in width.

Step 6

Observe the maple closely to see if you notice any warning signs of insect pests or disease. Warning signs include dead or dying branches and twigs, bark abnormalities, leaf browning and curling and anything else that looks suspicious.

Things You'll Need

  • Garden hose
  • Ruler
  • Eight disposable chopsticks
  • Twine
  • Mulch


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