Gerbera Daisy Tablescape Ideas

With their bright colors, long lasting habits and inexpensive cost, gerbera daisies are an ideal choice to use in tablescapes. They can be grown indoors or out and are always available for the home gardeners and for florists. To keep cut flowers fresh, cut a slit one inch from the bottom of each stem before placing it in water. Tablescapes with gerberas range from informal and homey to artistic and glamorous. And because gerberas range from cream to yellow to coral to red, all kinds of color schemes are also possible.

Simple Cut Bouquets

Because gerbera are so vivid and colorful, simple arrangements with multiple stems provide an informal, cheerful atmosphere. Their graceful, curving stems also make gerberas perfect for cut bouquets. One large bouquets or a series of smaller bouquets are all possibilities. In keeping with an informal theme, vases could be drinking glasses, old-fashioned tin cans or mason jars. Gerberas also mix well with other garden flowers such as baby's breath, lavender sprigs, bachelor buttons, cosmos or just about any flower.

Potted Plants

Groupings of large or small gerberas make an attractive tablescape because the gerbera leaves are just as attractive as the flowers. Scrub terra cotta pots so they are clean or transplant gerberas into unique or whimsical pots such as coffee mugs, children's toy buckets or small watering cans. You can also place plants into baskets or small picnic hampers.

Single Stem Arrangements

Gerberas are again perfect for this type of arrangement because they have interesting curved stems. A row of cylindrical vases with a single stem each is especially effective if you have a long rectangular table. You may need to place stones or a florist frog in the bottom of each vase to hold the stem upright, or you may choose bud vases that will hold each stem up on its own. The arrangement is effective with multiple colors, with a single color scheme or with any color scheme variation that matches your décor.

Floating Flowers

For floating flowers, cut flowers off the stems at the base of the flowers and simply place them into a shallow bowl with water. As with the bouquets or potted plants, you can choose one, central floating bowl arrangement or several smaller arrangement space throughout the table. Floating candles are readily available at craft and department stores and could be added for evening events. The color range of gerberas provide lots of possibilities and interest for floating candle arrangements.

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