How to Kill Windmill Grass


Windmill grass is a thin, reed-like grass that branches into leafy fingers that look similar to that of a windmill. Windmill grass is a rapid-growth grass common to the Great Plains and southwestern areas of the United States. Because windmill grass can grow to be several feet in height, and requires constant mowing, it is not a desirable landscaping choice for lawns and gardens. Eliminating windmill grass from your lawn or garden is a simple task that does not require specialized skills or expensive materials.

Step 1

Hand pull sections of unwanted windmill grass from your lawn or garden.

Step 2

Dispose of unwanted windmill grass into a plastic trash bag or compost bin.

Step 3

Spread sheets of old newspaper over the remaining patches of windmill grass in your lawn or garden.

Step 4

Weigh down the newspaper with bricks or other heavy objects and leave in place for two weeks.

Step 5

Remove the newspapers and spot check the areas to ensure no new windmill grass has grow in its place. Hand pull any new growth and spot check the areas weekly to keep windmill grass from creeping back into your lawn or garden.

Things You'll Need

  • Plastic trash bags (or compost bin if preferred)
  • Old newspaper
  • Bricks (or weighted objects)


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