Common Beech Tree Diseases

The American beech tree is extremely hardy when it comes to pests and diseases. In comparison to other American trees, the beech tree suffers from few common diseases and problems. Beech trees have shallow root systems and can easily experience stress. Taking proper care of these trees throughout the year will reduce stress and the potential for common beech tree diseases.

Bleeding Canker Fungus

According to the Forest Service Department of Agriculture, bleeding canker is a common beech tree disease. When a beech tree is infected with bleeding canker, the Department recommends that owners avoid fertilizing the infected tree with nitrogen to prevent further problems. Bleeding canker occurs primarily on the lower portions of the tree. According to Bartlett Tree Research Laboratories, the cankers release a reddish-brown coloring that gives them the name "bleeding canker." This disease is actually a fungus and primarily infects older beech trees.

Beech Bark Disease

According to Bartlett Tree Research Laboratories, beech bark disease is most prevalent in American beech tree varieties. The European beech trees are less susceptible to this disease. This disease eats away at the bark of the tree and leaves it exposed to the fungus Nectria. The fungus then takes over, killing the beech tree. According to the Forest Service Department of Agriculture, there is no cure for beech bark disease.

Powdery Mildew Disease

Powdery mildew is a common beech tree disease that does not cause a significant amount of damage. According to the University of Wisconsin - Madison, powdery mildew looks like powdered sugar has been sprinkled on the leaves. There are many different types of fungi that cause powdery mildew, but Phyllactinia guttata is the one that infects beech trees. According to the Forest Service Department of Agriculture, powdery mildew infects beech trees late in the season. Powdery mildew is mostly a cosmetic disease that doesn't need to be treated, but many fungicides exist that may clear up the problem.

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