Assorted Colors of the Asiatic Lily

Asiatic lilies are hybrid cultivars in the Lilium family and are true lily bulbs unlike daylilies. According to the University of Minnesota, Asiatic lilies are one of the two most common and important lily plants grown in the United States in home gardens and for the cut flower trade, alongside Oriental lilies. Their popularity is due not only to the range of colors, but to the tall strong stems, minimal care requirements and adaptability to varied soil conditions. Asiatic lilies produce multiple long-lasting flowers atop each stem in summer, which can number up to seven and open in a cascade of bloom over time.

White and Yellow Hued Cultivars

White and cream blooming Asiatics include "Dawn Star," "Alaska," "Lucyda," "Marbelle," "Pulsar," "Sancerre" and "Ventoux." Cultivars with yellow blooms ranging from lemon yellow to sun-kissed gold include "Polyana," "Connecticut King," "Adelina," "Grand Cru," "London," "Mona," "Nove Cento" and "Parma."

Orange and Red Hued Cultivars

Orange flowering Asiatic lily cultivars include "Enchantment," "Avignon," "Apledoorn," "Bangalope," "Elite," "Loreto," "Menton" and "Prato." Rarer red blooming options include "Grand Paradiso," "Monte Negro" and "Nerone."

Pink and Purple Hued Cultivars

Asiatic lilies have been hybridized to include a wide range of pink hues, including "Ikaria," "Make Up," "Corsica," "Crete," "Azurra," "Chianti," "Cote D'Azur," "Geneve," "Minstreel," "Monte Rosa," "Rembrandt," "Renee," "Sorbet," "Tiareno," "Toscana" and "Vivaldi." The rarest color of Asiatic is purple as most of the hybrid flowers are very warm toned without blue undertones. Purple hued cultivars include "La Toya" and "Montreux."

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