Tropical Plants With Flowers

Flowering plants comprise of over 200,000 different plant species, among these species are several tropical plants with flowers. Tropical regions all over the world provide habitats for these lush, moisture and warmth loving plants and growing some of them in your home or garden provides for a striking addition to your environment. From common tropical blooms to rare and exciting flora, tropical plants with flowers dazzle gardens and homes.

Flamingo Plant

The flamingo plant, or Justicia carnea, grows throughout the tropical regions of the world. A perennial herbaceous shrub, the flamingo plant thrives throughout tropical and subtropical climates of the United States. With other names such as the shrimp plant or Brazilian plume, it's a popular ornamental tropical plant with flowers. Grow a flamingo plant in a pot indoors or directly in the ground as a bordering shrub in dark humus enriched soil. The flowers of the flamingo plant vary from deep red to bright and vibrant pink.

Garlic Vine

A rare herbaceous shrub, the garlic vine thrives in tropical and subtropical environments with well-drained, loamy soil. Identified by its vibrant purple blossoms, the garlic vine produces a garlic aroma contrary to its appearance of being a delicate and feminine flower. It thrives as an indoor plant, much like a ficus but makes for an excellent outdoor plant when grown against a trellis or fence. Outdoors, the flowers only bloom twice a year.

Amazon Lily

The Amazon lily, a bulb flower, thrives in tropical climates where it sprouts from the ground among the lower canopy of the Amazon rainforest and other rainforests. The flower resembles a daffodil with the color being bright white with just a hint of light green throughout the petals. The lily grows in clusters of three or four nestled within showy bright green foliage. It prefers black soil with plenty of humus and other enriching ingredients such as vermicast or kitchen compost.

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