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Florida's lush landscape has a bounty of colorful flowers and fruit. When Ponce De Leon first discovered the Florida shore, the thing that attracted him most was the never-ending flower fields. According to, he named the state "la Florida" in honor of the Spanish celebration feast of the flowers, "Pascua florida." Florida has hundreds of tropical flowers, but there are a handful that help give Florida its identify. These include not only wildflowers, but also bromeliads and sunflowers that flourish in the humid air and sunshine year round.


Did you know that a pineapple is actually a flower? Otherwise known as a bromeliad, there are over 2,700 varieties in the pineapple family. These thrive in sandy soil and full sun. The stiff pointy leaves that emerge from the pineapple is the familiar structure of the bromeliad. From these pointy stalks emerges a large flower that eventually becomes the pineapple fruit.


Florida has a staggering amount of wildflower varieties that grow in thick fields all over the state. The most popular wildflowers here include the black-eyed Susan, the hibiscus, orchid, the coneflower and gaillardia. Florida has over 1,000 varieties of wildflowers, with colors ranging from pure white to neon blue. These flowers are one of the significant terrain traits of Florida, even on the sandy beaches.


Florida has two perennial sunflower varieties, often referred to as the "beach sunflower" and the "swamp sunflower." The light yellow beach variety blooms year round and is native, flourishing along the coast, sandy beaches and dunes. The swamp variety has narrow, dark gold leaves and blooms year round in swamps and marshes.

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