Decorative Stone Garden Ideas

Filled with bright flower blooms and creeping vines, garden patios and paths create an inviting landscape presence. Made in dozens of varieties, each with its own distinct color, shape and texture, decorative stones create outdoor living spaces and meandering pathways. Nestled along a garden corner, stone patios provide a lingering, cozy respite after a long day.

Stone Path

Decorative paths using concrete pavers or slate stepping stones connect the garden to areas around the yard to create a focal point to the landscape. Concrete pavers nestled atop a layer of shale or crushed granite create a classic path design. Pavers are long-lasting, weather-resistant stones that blend in with the garden for an accessible stone path. Lay the concrete pavers as wide or as narrow as your garden permits. For a simple walking path, place them one after the other. Alongside the garden path, add low-growing plants like creeping thyme or sedum. Both are evergreen, keeping their color and foliage all year long, including winter. Allow them to meander around each stone to help define the garden path.

Brick Patio

Patios made from brick are long-lasting, classic designs. Versatile, brick is ideal for small or large patio spaces and can be laid in a circular pattern or more traditional square or rectangular shape. For a remote or unused corner of a garden, place bricks in a circular pattern. The round, inviting shape of a circular patio beckons for a patio furniture set or bird bath. Along the brick patio, tuck perennial flowers like coneflowers and verbena flowers for bright bursts of color to the landscape. Low-growing, spreading flowers like cotoneaster provide a bright burst of green to the patio.

Garden Edging

Along a vegetable or perennial flower garden, use river rocks as the edging for plant beds. River rocks--each with a distinct size, shape and color--are stackable stones to bring a decorative touch to the garden. When wet, river rocks deepen to rich, jewel-like colors. When lining a flower garden, they help to suppress weeds around the bed and retain moisture after a thorough watering. For a makeshift garden wall, stack the river rocks at least one foot high and wide. Use larger river rocks on the bottom to create the base of the garden edge.

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