Frugal Landscaping Ideas

Designing and planting a landscape bed can cost a lot of money quickly if you are not careful, and when it is done, you might be looking at it and wondering where all your money went. Plants are expensive and unless you buy large ones for even more money, your landscape bed will look at little sparse for the first several months. But you can learn tricks of the trade for frugal landscaping and have a beautiful result.


Let your friends know that you are glad to take their thinnings off their hands. Flowers like canna, hyacinths, dahlias, daylilies and iris all have tubers that need to be lifted and thinned out every few years. You can plant them in your yard, and soon you will have more than you know what to do with.


Purchase herbs either when they are on the discount rack at your garden center or even full price. They are a great investment, and perennials like mint, oregano, sage, thyme and rosemary will double and triple in size, often the first year, filling in your beds will fragrant leaves. Even herb seeds can be planted for a quick spot of green, and you can usually get them for less than a dollar.


This might seem odd, but you can find spent flowers in the trash. People will buy mums in the fall, or daffodils, hyacinths and tulips in the spring for decoration around their yard and then throw them out when the blooms fade. You can pick these up when they are put out to the street for trash pickup. Give them a good watering and bury them about three inches lower than they were in their pot. After about two growing seasons, they will acclimate to your yard and be beautiful.

State Parks

Evergreens, black-eyed Susans and daisies are just a few of the plants that can be found growing wild in state parks and forests. Of course, you do not want to walk into the park with a shovel and bucket, but oftentimes after a rain, the soil is soft enough that you can pull up a wild flower or baby evergreen with its roots and bring it home. Plant it in your yard where it can grow protected for a few years and you will have a great plant.

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