Natural Bug Deterrent Solution and Wash for Garden Plants


Bugs are the bane of every gardener. They carry diseases and feed on the foliage and fruit that you have worked so hard to grow. While there are many chemical pest control solutions available, these chemicals leach into the fruit. For a more safe and healthy solution to garden bugs, consider using natural bug deterrent solutions instead.

Time frame

Natural bug deterrent solutions, unlike chemical solutions, should be applied regularly as they will not leave behind a residue and often do not kill but rather repel the pests. When treating severely damaging bugs such as borers, treatment should begin the moment a hole is found in the tree trunk and should continue through the tree's entire growing season.


Every bug is repelled by a different substance. For example, aphids will drop from plants when a few of their aphid colleges are squished onto the plant and release a chemical that signals their demise whereas Diatomaceous earth kills off many different insects by shredding insects insides with its razor sharp edges.


Natural bug deterrents use substances found in nature to either repel or kill common bugs. Substances such as garden dust not only repel insects but also kill off the fungus that insects infect most plants with. Other substances such as powdered milk or "Tangle Trap Sticky Coating" can be used to catch the bugs onto the leaves resulting in them dying and releasing hormones that naturally repel any other bugs from approaching.


Natural bug deterrents are not an instant fix. Many take multiple applications to effectively work and all techniques require repetitive use. Also keep in mind that they are not 100 percent effective, so some bugs will still get through and fruit will not look as attractive as chemically grown fruit.


Garden plants treated with natural bug deterrents are pet and child safe. They are also the only plants completely safe for eating. Finally, the treatments themselves can be applied without the fear of harmful side effects you or anyone else in the home.

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