Country Garden Ideas

A country garden can be yours, even if you live in the middle of the city. Country gardens are bright, colorful and packed full of flowers, fruits and vegetables. The plants clamber up trellises, spill over fences and crowd walkways. There is seemingly no order to the profusion. In early country gardens each plant had a purpose, either as a food or for its healing property. Today country gardens include some flowers just for their beauty.


If your balcony receives 6 hours of sun or more each day, then you can have a country garden in containers. Install white picket fencing over the balcony railings. Place a dwarf fruit tree in each corner. Citrus works well because you can bring it inside during the winter. Plant strawberries around the trunks of the dwarf trees. Paint flower boxes white and install them over the picket fencing attached to the railings. Fill the boxes with red geraniums, yellow marigolds, orange nasturtiums and trailing white bacopa. Fill a strawberry jar with herbs. Plant a few tomato plants in their own pots. Try tomato sweetheart of the patio, sweet 100 or yellow pear tomatoes.

Vegetables and Flowers

Combining flowers and vegetables in the same garden right next to each other is very country garden. Hollyhocks planted with pole beans uses the same space for both a flower and vegetable. Swiss chard with its bright green leaves and white stems makes a pretty and edible edging. Bright lights chard has yellow and red stems as well as veining through the leaves. It tastes the same as Swiss chard. Yellow summer squash adds color. Flowers were planted in country gardens not only for their beauty but also for their scent and medicinal qualities. Lavender, rosemary and roses are all highly scented as well as beautiful. Calendulas, pansies, bachelor buttons are edible.


Besides the standards of parsley, basil, thyme and sage, try some different varieties. Comfrey, lemon balm and mint make soothing teas. Dill is good with vegetables and fish. Dill has flowers that look like Queen Ann's Lace. Borage has brilliantly blue flowers. Coriander is used in Indian, Asian and Mexican cooking. It goes to seed quickly so keep it clipped. Tarragon used extensively in French cooking is a low growing spreading plant. Fennel grows to 6 feet, so give it plenty of room. The seeds, leaves and the fleshy bulb at the base of the plant are all edible.

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