Positive Effects of Indoor Plants

While more focus has traditionally been placed on outdoor plants and landscaping, attention is starting to be paid to the positive effects of indoor plants. Indoor plants are more than simple interior decorating items. Understanding the positive effects of indoor plants enables businesses and home owners to simultaneously use plants for design and function.

Air Purification

Indoor plants give off a small amount of vapor which acts like a magnet to draw impurities out of the air. These are then pushed down to the plant's root system and converted to food and energy. According to NASA, there are around 50 different types of indoor plants that naturally clean homes, offices and indoor environments.

Illness Recovery

There is good news for people that enjoy indoor plants and gardening. A positive effect of indoor plants is faster recovery from illnesses, according to NASA. Plants provide a psychological affect that enable people to get well faster and feel better as a whole. In fact, NASA researchers and designers are working on an ecological garden for hospitals and healthcare facilities to help patients heal quicker.

Sound Absorption

Rooms with hard flooring, bare walls and excessive noise can benefit from indoor plants. Placing plants in corners of these rooms will help absorb noise that bounces off of the flooring and walls. The plants, soil and containers actually absorb noise to create quieter work, study and home environments. Less noise can create a better environment for concentration and productivity. Some plants recommended by the Work Place Comfort Forum include Ficus Benjamin, Howea forsteriana, Dracaena fragrans, Spathiphyllum wallisi, Dracaena marginata, Schefflera aboricola and Philodendron scandens.

Increase Business Profits

Indoor plants can actually increase revenue in places of business. According to Plant Interscapes, consumers and visitors are more likely to stay in a place of business longer if there are indoor plants. The cost of adding plants is outweighed by the benefits of customers staying in a business for a longer duration. For example, if a restaurant has indoor plants, patrons tend to stay longer. This may result in higher sales for after-dinner items such as desert.

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