How to Plant Fruit From Seeds


Commercial fruit trees are often made of grafted fruit branches attached to hardy, dwarf trunks, according to Purdue University. This creates a small, manageable tree with a tough constitution. Trees grown at home from a single seed, by contrast, tend to get quite tall, making the fruit hard to harvest. They also may not be as hardy or produce fruit of the same quality. Nonetheless, you can grow your own fruit tree at home and enjoy fresh fruit for years to come as well as a sense of personal accomplishment.

Step 1

Get a seed from a ripe fruit you enjoyed.

Step 2

Place peat moss or vermiculite into a cup big enough to hold the seed and add water until it is moist but not soaking. Bury the seed under the wet material.

Step 3

Place the seed in a refrigerator for three or four months. This process, called stratifying, prepares the fruit seed to sprout.

Step 4

Get a small pot or seed flat with holes for drainage. Mix peat moss and vermiculite in equal portions and place them inside. Place the pot on a tray to catch water that drains out of the bottom.

Step 5

Place the seed in the pot just below the surface of the vermiculite peat moss mix. Water it so that it is damp but not wet.

Step 6

Cover the pot with a plastic sheet and place it in a warm, dark place until it germinates. Germination varies by species; the seed may sprout a shoot in a few days or may take months to spring up. Water the seed regularly to keep the soil moist.

Step 7

Once the seed germinates, remove the plastic and place the sprout in a window where it can get good sunlight. Depending on the species, your sprout may prefer a few hours of indirect sunlight per day or long periods of full sunlight.

Step 8

Keep the seed inside for at least three months to protect it from animals and bad weather. Fertilize it with an indoor plant fertilizer according to the directions on the package.

Step 9

Plant the tree in the ground in spring, after the last frost. Dig a hole in the ground big enough to hold the root ball, remove the tree carefully from the pot and place it in the hole. Cover up the roots and the bottom inch or so of the stem.

Things You'll Need

  • Fruit tree seed
  • Peat moss
  • Vermiculite
  • Cup
  • Water
  • Seed flat
  • Pot
  • Tray
  • Plastic wrap
  • Fertilizer
  • Water
  • Shovel


  • University of Purdue Agriculture: Growing Trees From Seed
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