How to Install Deer Netting for Plant Protection in the Winter


Just like you, deer get hungry. Food is scarce in the winter if you live outside. It is no wonder that they might think your plants look delicious. If you want to protect your plants without harming the deer, the solution is to install deer netting. Unlike an electric fence, deer netting is an effective yet harmless deterrent to deer. You can also take it down and reuse it year after year, as it is reasonably weather resistant. Installing it yourself is easy, and will save you money over professional installation.

Step 1

Purchase a big roll of deer netting. You can find it in specialty stores, as well as in large home improvement stores. It is a plastic mesh that is fairly lightweight and easy to work with. Unless you have a large area to be covered, you will probably have more netting than you need for a single application.

Step 2

Survey the area to be netted. If you have tall trees nearby, you can use them to help mount the netting. If you do not have tall trees nearby, you will have to rely on large metal poles, which you can also get at a home improvement center.

Step 3

Use the mallet to pound metal poles into the ground at four corners surrounding the plants, young trees or shrubs. You may choose to use less than four poles if you have tall trees nearby.

Step 4

Drape the deer netting around the first pole. Use zip or wire ties to tie it in place. Wrap it around the second pole and tie it the same way. Continue until the entire perimeter of your plant area is wrapped.

Step 5

Cut the deer netting off the roll only when you have made certain the perimeter is completely wrapped. Tie the loose end to the first pole.

Step 6

Drape deer netting over the top of the area to be protected. Use the perimeter netting and/or large tree branches to help you do this. Tie it down the way you did when wrapping the perimeter.

Step 7

Store any remaining netting in a cool, dry place for future use.

Things You'll Need

  • Deer netting
  • Utility shears
  • Trees
  • Metal poles
  • Mallet
  • Ladder
  • Zip or wire ties


  • Yardener: Barriers for Deer
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