Types of Hanging Baskets

Hanging baskets extend the garden space into outdoor living areas of patios, decks and gazebos. Hanging planters function as decorative accents that reflect the décor as well as the preferences of the gardener. Various types of baskets allow the gardener to choose any type of planter to suit particular decorative needs. Hanging baskets include types mounted to the wall as well as containers for hanging directly on a hook or wrought iron pole.

Wire Baskets

Wrought iron or wire serves as one of the most common decorative hanging baskets used in home landscaping. Scrollwork bands of metal are welded together to form the basket shape with attached chains extending upward to a center hook. These baskets must be lined with moss or coconut fiber to allow for planting inside the basket. As with most styles of hanging basket, this variety comes in a large selection of sizes and styles to suit any decorative preference.


Plastic hanging baskets provide a long-lasting option for gardeners who plan to create living floral arrangements every year. These molded containers come in a range of colors to suit any outdoor decorative scheme. Plastic hanging baskets feature attached cord placed evenly around the outside rim of the pot. These cords extend upward at even lengths to form a loop for hanging the planter from a hook. The key element of plastic hanging baskets lies in the attached drainage tray at the base of the pot. The drainage tray limits soil loss in the planter and helps retain moisture in the pot.

Wall Planters

Hanging baskets also refer to planter that attaches to deck posts, walls or trellises. Wall planters mount with a screw directly into a flat surface, allowing the gardener to display trailing plants and flowers in a similar manner to a circular hanging basket. Wall planters feature a flat back for flush placement against a wall. This decorative accent offers the gardener a unique way to display hanging plants.

Wicker Hanging Baskets

The composition of wicker hanging baskets has changed completely to allow gardeners a new look for this decorative accent. These baskets can be made of traditional woven wicker and will degrade over time with exposure to weather, water and soil. Newer wicker products consist of PVC resin strands woven onto a sturdy metal frame. Add a sphagnum moss or coconut liner to the inside of this hanging basket to limit leaching of soil from the bottom of the planter. Some models provide a preformed plastic liner to assist gardeners with soil retention in the hanging planter.

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