Pocket Garden Ideas

Pocket Gardens make use of small, sometimes out-of-the-way spaces to create an interesting landscape surprise. A corner of a yard, the space between a sidewalk and curb, and even a traffic island might become a pocket garden. Small-scale plantings and garden accessories can create an oasis of beauty in otherwise unused space.


While some pocket gardens can be planted directly in the ground, the soil is not suitable in some spaces, or there's no soil at all in the case of balconies or concrete. Flower pots, half barrels and galvanized tubs make suitable planters, but many pocket gardens make use of less conventional containers such as old trunks, tin cans, wooden bins or a child's play wagon.

Vertical Space

Pocket gardens often occupy only a few square feet so, in order to make the best use of the territory available, gardeners need to think vertical. Use trellises to train vining flowers upward. You can also hang planters from fences or railings. Plant in layers, with a row of pots on the ground, another suspended from a fence and a final layer hanging from the top of the fence. Hooks, hanging baskets and window boxes are other ways to use vertical space in a pocket garden.


Pocket gardens can contain more than plants. A small bench, a self-contained fountain or garden statuary add interest and charm to pocket gardens. Look for interesting rocks, seashells or pieces of driftwood to display in your garden.


Pocket gardens often contain flowers, but small shrubs and trees, such as flowering dogwood or crabapple, fit in slightly larger gardens. Choose a mixture of perennials and annuals to decorate the garden year-round.

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