How to Peel a Star Fruit


Star fruit or carambola is a light green or yellow tropical fruit with a mildly sweet taste. The fruit gets its name because when it is sliced the fruit pieces are star-shaped. The peel is edible; just as you do not need to peel grapes, you do not need to peel star fruit. However, if you do not want to eat the peel, you certainly can peel it. The peel does not separate easily from the inner flesh, so work carefully or you won't be left with much fruit intact.

Step 1

Wash the star fruit in cold running water. Place the fruit on its side on a cutting board or plate.

Step 2

Cut about 1/4 inch off each end of the fruit with a sharp paring knife. If you don't need the peeled fruit to be whole, cut it in half width-wise to make peeling easier.

Step 3

Score (gently cut) the peel lengthwise in several areas with the paring knife to create sections to peel. Due to the fruit's uneven shape, you won't be able to start peeling unless you score the skin first.

Step 4

Grasp the top of one section of peel and gently pull. If some of the fruit comes away with it, stop and insert the paring knife between the peel and the flesh to separate it. Continue carefully peeling each section until the entire fruit has been peeled.

Things You'll Need

  • Star fruit
  • Cutting board or plate
  • Paring knife


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