Craftsman String Trimmer Instructions


Craftsman is a line of yard maintenance and gardening tools that is sold through the Sears Roebuck Company. Among the line of Craftsman tools is a line of monofilament string trimmers that are designed for light-duty trimming that includes removing weeds, edging and mowing grass in tight corners, around masonry and in areas where a lawn mower cannot reach. The operation of a Craftsman string trimmer is consistent with the operation of many other bands of string trimmer.

Step 1

Learn the parts of the string trimmer before operating it. The string trimmer has a motor at the back of the machine that powers the trimmer. The trimmer also has a rotating cutting head which is placed on the front end of a shaft that attaches to the motor. The parts of the cutting head include a shield and a rotating hub through which the monofilament line is attached. There is also a D-shaped handle and a shoulder strap for carrying and manipulating the trimmer which is located at the midpoint of the shaft.

Step 2

Mix fresh unleaded gasoline that has not been blended with ethanol or other additives with 2-cycle oil in a ratio of 40:1, if the machine has a 2-cycle engine. For example, add 3.2 fluid oz. of 2 cycle oil to 1 gallon of fuel. Pour this mixture into the fuel tank and replace the cap on the fuel tank. If the machine has a 4-cycle engine, use straight gasoline without adding oil. Never use 2-cycle fuel in a 4-cycle engine, or straight gasoline in a 2-cycle.

Step 3

Turn the off/on switch to the on setting. Press the primer bulb 10 times. Place the trimmer on the ground with the starter rope pointing upward.

Step 4

Grip the trimmer by the shaft grip with one hand and the starter rope with the other hand. Pull on the starter rope with a steady, controlled motion until the trimmer starts. Wait 10 to 15 seconds and then squeeze the throttle.

Step 5

Stand behind the motor section of the trimmer. Grasp the trimmer by the shaft grip with one hand and the D-shaped handle with the other. Hold the trimmer at waist level so that the cutting head is pointed away from your body. Hold the cutting head parallel to the ground and cut by passing the cutting head in a sweeping motion from right to left.

Step 6

Turn the trimmer off by releasing the throttle control and allow the engine to idle. Then turn the on/off switch to the off setting.

Tips and Warnings

  • Always wear protective eyewear as well as long sleeve, long pants, gloves and close-toed shoes when operating a string trimmer. This will protect your skin and eyes from flying debris.

Things You'll Need

  • Craftsman string trimmer
  • String trimmer owner's manual
  • Additive-free gasoline
  • 2-cycle oil


  • Manuals Online: Craftsman 2 cycle Weedwhacker Gas Trimmer
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