Types of Angiosperm Flowers

Angiosperms comprise more than 300,000 different plant species throughout the world. They make up approximately 80 percent of the plant kingdom (Plantae) and range from common to rare and exotic. Knowing about some of the flowering angiosperms makes it easier to start and maintain a gardening hobby or other floral projects.

African Lily

A hardy bulb plant, the African lily presents a stout, short base with deep green foliage and small lily flower clusters. Flowers vary in color from bright ivory and pastel pinks to bold and striking tones of purple and blue. Ideal as a border plant in gardens, or as a decorative ground cover on lawns, African lily flowers provide color and a touch of sensuality to your environment. They prefer dark, peat enriched soil and can also grow in indoor pots and planters. A flower commonly found in gardens and windowsill planters such as the African lily, offers beauty to a garden and home environment.


An edible and fragrant flowering herb, chamomile grows all over the world in prairies, gardens and lawns. Chamomile flowers vary in color from white and pale yellow to vibrant orange, and their stems are sturdy. They grow in clustered patches in loamy soil and they love moisture.

Brazilian Dutchman's Pipe

An interesting flowering angiosperm, the Brazilian Dutchman's pipe grows throughout tropical and subtropical regions. It has also been spotted near the foothills of northern Nevada and California. A carnivorous plant, the Brazilian Dutchman's pipe emits a putrid stench that resembles the smell of a rotting corpse. This unique characteristic of the flower enables it to lure insects to be trapped and digested. The flowers of the Brazilian Dutchman's pipe dangle from thin maroon-tinted green stems which sprout from the branches of this compact bush. The blossoms are calyx-like and deep purple in appearance, concealing a small yellow center that is actually a trapdoor for snaring insects.

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