What Flowers Go With Tulips

Planning and maintaining a flower garden provides you with an enriching hobby that beautifies your home landscape. Choosing a variety of flowers to accompany your tulips isn't a difficult task, as many varieties accentuate the beauty of tulip flowers. From common flora to exotic blossoms, companion flowers for tulips are plentiful.


Aster flowers present small, delicate blooms and wispy green foliage. A hardy perennial in temperate climates, the aster varies in color from deep tones of fuchsia and pink to vibrant blue. Aster flowers attract hummingbirds, bees, butterflies and other pollinating fauna and provide tulip flowers with additional splashes of color and foliage.

Blue Star

Alternatively known as blue ice, the blue star plant produces bright green foliage with oblong shaped leaves. The flowers of the blue star, as the name denotes, are delicate, star-shaped and blue in color. Blue star thrives better when planted in condensed clusters between and around tulip flowers of any color. They make an excellent border plant as well for floral gardens.


Crocosmia (Lucifer flower) grows up to four feet in height and provides shade for low-growing plants such as tulips, asters and other common garden varieties. The flowers hang like delicate trumpets of fire orange from the long, thin stems of the plant. It provides a splash of color to a bed of pastel-colored tulips in well-drained soil.

Easter Lily

Like other lily varieties, the Easter lily presents itself as an attractive addition to a bed of tulip flowers of varying color. The bulb-propagated plants are perennial and provide flower gardens with season after season of attractive flora and fragrance.

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