How to Do Indoor Decorating With Plants


Houseplants add beauty to indoor environments. They soak up the carbon dioxide humans exhale and then supply the air with oxygen. Whether you want to add a plant or two to your stuffy office or create a sun room for plants in your home, when you introduce plants to indoor decorating schemes, they will add a touch of greenery and softness. And the pots you choose for your indoor potted plants can contribute to your color theme and become small showplaces for the plants they hold.

Step 1

Choose an assortment of houseplants at your garden center or nursery. Keep in mind the amount of space you have in the room or rooms you plan to decorate, the type of furniture and the amount of sunlight or artificial light the area receives. If you select plants that will grow fairly tall, such as dieffenbachia, split-leaf philodendron, areca palms or other palms, these will look good in corners of the room. You can use smaller plants such as bromeliads or African violets on tables or special plant stands near windows.

Step 2

Purchase decorative pots that will complement your plants. Think of your room's color scheme and buy pots that will blend well with the colors of your walls, furniture, carpets and drapes. Also purchase plant saucers large enough to hold an overflow of water under each of your pots.

Step 3

Pot each plant in the container you chose for it. Fill each pot about 1/3 full with a standard potting soil and then set your unpotted plant into the pot. Fill it with more potting soil, press the soil down gently and then put each plant onto a plant saucer. Water your plant until water seeps out of its drainage hole.

Step 4

Place your newly potted plants in parts of your room where they will receive bright, filtered light. If your room has a northern exposure and is dark, hang fluorescent shop lights or special "grow" lights above your plants. Leave lights on for at least 12 hours each day for most plants. For dark areas, consider growing plants that require lower light, such as many types of ferns.

Things You'll Need

  • House plants
  • Decorative pots
  • Plant saucers
  • Potting soil


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