How to Plant Basil Seedlings


Basil is a popular cooking herb that can be grown during the warm summer months. Planting basil seedlings is very simple, especially if you prepare the garden bed in advance. The most important thing to remember when planting basil seedlings is that they are very easily damaged by cold weather. Do not plant them outside until all danger of frost has passed to make sure they can truly thrive. As long as they are kept warm and in direct sunlight, basil seedlings do fine indoors until they can be planted outside.

Step 1

Select a space in the garden that gets full sunlight at least six hours per day. Basil that doesn't get enough sun will struggle to grow.

Step 2

Work the soil in the garden bed with a hand tiller, removing any roots, rocks and other debris from the dirt. Scatter an inch-thick layer of compost on top of the bed and mix it in with the tiller.

Step 3

Dig holes that are about twice as wide and as deep as the basil seedlings' root balls. Make sure to space the holes 12 to 18 inches apart to give the seedlings adequate space to develop.

Step 4

Loosen the basil seedling from its container and place it, root ball down, in a hole. Fill in the hole with soil. Repeat for all of the other seedlings.

Step 5

Soak the soil with water and cover the dirt with a layer of straw to keep it warm and moist for the plants.

Things You'll Need

  • Hand tiller
  • Compost
  • Spade
  • Basil seedlings
  • Straw


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