How to Cut Bamboo to Root


Bamboo adds interest to a yard and is often planted near property lines because it grows fast and thick, providing good privacy in a quick amount of time. Bamboo is also used to make many things, including furniture, crafts and hardwood floors. Bamboo is easily propagated by cuttings; however, be aware that bamboo has underground rhizomes that spread quickly and can get out of control if left to grow on its own.

Step 1

Choose to take a cutting from a clump of bamboo that is less than 3 years old.

Step 2

Examine the bamboo near the middle of the trunk. Notice the nodes, which are swollen lines that circle the trunk. Between two nodes is a section of bamboo called an internode.

Step 3

Cut off a piece of bamboo. Make the cut about 1/2 inch beneath a node. Use sharp hand-held clippers to make a clean cut. This piece will be too large for a single cutting, so you still need to make a second cut.

Step 4

Cut the top part of the cutting halfway between the third and fourth node. The cutting will now include three nodes and two full internodes, with half an internode on top.

Step 5

Plant the bamboo immediately in light and moist sandy soil. Only the top node should be above ground. Seal the top cut with moist clay, but don't cover the hollow opening. Keep the soil consistently moist until new growth appears.

Things You'll Need

  • Hand-held clippers


  • Tearfund International Learning Zone: Growing Bamboo

Who Can Help

  • Bamboo Rhizome Barrier
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