Spring Bulbs in the UK

The UK is located in a temperate zone, which makes gardening rewarding since there are several flowers that grow well in this climate. Every spring, native bulbs bloom all over Wales, England and Scotland. Planting native bulbs in your UK garden is good for the environment and the animals living in it. There are many different UK spring bulbs to choose from.

English Bluebells

The English variety of bluebell is native to the UK. It blooms between April and May and grows to about 40cm in height. Unlike the Spanish bluebell, the English bluebell produces fragrant flowers. They grow best in partial shade.


There are two species of daffodil that are native to the UK: the lent lily (Narcissus pseudonarcissus) and the tenby daffodil. They are both native to Wales, flower in March and reach between 8 to 12 inches in height.


Like the daffodil, there are two native snowdrop species found in the UK: the snowdrop and the double snowdrop. The snowdrop is native to Wales and grows well in moist conditions. It flowers from January to March. The double snowdrop is native all over the UK and flowers in late December to early January.

Snake's Head Fritillary

This plant has red-to-cream checkered flowers that droop like the head of a snake. It blooms in April and grows to about 10 inches in height. The snake's head fritillary is native to Southern England.

Spring Squill

This native UK bulb flowers in May and covers the cliffs of Pembrookshire. It only grows to about 4 inches in height and has small, star-shaped flowers. Well drained soil is a must for this flower to grow well in a garden.

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