Cutting Back Russian Sage


Gardeners who grow Russian sage in a sunny growing area enjoy a perennial flowering woody plant that blooms prolifically throughout the growing season, filling your flower bed with scented lavender blooms. Keep Russian sage growing vibrantly by cutting it back in early spring prior to new growth beginning.

Step 1

Cut back the Russian sage in the late winter or early spring before the plant begins growing for the new season. Use pruning shears to remove all growth, leaving only 4 to 6 inches of stems growing up from the crown of the plant.

Step 2

Deadhead the Russian sage when the blossoms begin to fade in the second half of the summer. Use pruning shears to remove the flowers, cutting the stems where the flowers stop along the stems.

Step 3

Watch for a second bloom after you deadhead the Russian sage. If this occurs, leave the second bloom on the plants throughout the winter to add winter décor to your flower garden.


  • Floridata: Russian Sage
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