Easy Flower Arrangement Ideas

Nothing adds more beauty and fragrance to a home than a fresh, lovely display of cut flowers. Many home gardeners love clipping flowers from their gardens to display in the home, but not many of them have the time to create elaborate floral arrangements. There are ways to create dramatic and beautiful flower arrangements that are very quick and easy.

A Bundle of Blooms

Grab your clippers and cut a handful of flowers from the same plant, such as a couple of large bunches of mophead hydrangeas, a fistful of lavender, or a dozen roses. Place them tightly together in a bud vase, a simple ceramic pitcher or other favorite container for a simple but sophisticated look. Finish the look off by tying a ribbon around the container in a color that matches that of the flowers.

A Single Stem

Place a single stem of a flower in a dramatic vase. This looks especially wonderful when a flowering tree branch is used. A slender crabapple branch, for example, placed in a tall, slim, stainless-steel vase is both modern and feminine. A single tulip in a teacup is whimsical and friendly.

Frilly Foliage

Use foliage found in your garden to add an extra touch to an ordinary arrangement. Bleeding hearts, for example, have lacy, beautiful foliage. Ivy is romantic when trailing out of a flower arrangement. Geraniums have wonderfully ruffled leaves. Try pairing an old standby, such as zinnias or carnations, with these unusual choices for an easy flower arrangement.

Floating Flowers

Get out that crystal bowl you got as a gift at your wedding and fill it with two inches of water. Cut the flower heads off of some of your sturdier flowers, such as mums, daisies or zinnias, and float them on the water. For a dramatic look, cover the entire surface of the water with a thick layer of flowers.

Three Levels of Loveliness

Use a three-tired cookie or cake platter to display three levels of flowers. Press wet floral foam into each platter, then slide the shortened stems of flowers into the foam. Fill each level with a different color, such as red, white and blue for a 4th of July picnic, or pink, red and white for a romantic celebration.

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