Window Box Planter Crafts

Window box planters are charming decorations for a home. Add design elements that complement the style of your home to enhance plain window boxes. Window box planter crafts can include decorative painting techniques, mosaic designs and stone transformations. Even attaching something as simple as craft sticks around the outside of the planter can completely change its appearance.

Mosaic Window Box

Transform a plain wooden window box planter into a stylish work of art with mosaic tiles. Trace or draw a design or image on the outside front of the window box. Work outward from the center as you attach mosaic tiles to the wood with thinset. Space the tiles about one-fourth inch apart; perfection is not a requirement. Work in small sections, adding tile colors to bring the design to life. For example, to create a mosaic that looks like a five-petal flower with a stem, begin tiling yellow, white or black in the center of the flower. Place tiles for the petals in whatever color you select, then place green for the stem and leaves. When the flower is complete, fill in around it tile that helps the flower stand out. Use tile nippers to fit the tiles, as needed. After the thinset is dry, fill in around tiles with exterior grout.

Wooden Applique Window Box

Look for unfinished wooden appliques to paint and add to a window box planter. Create a scene on the front of the planter, whether it's a row of wooden flower designs or letters spelling out a word or phrase. Prime and paint the window box with exterior grade paint in a background color that coordinates with the outside of your home. Paint the wooden appliques and attach them to the window box with waterproof construction adhesive. After the glue is dry, cover the outside of the planter with a protective coat of exterior polyurethane.

Stone Window Box

Cover the outside of a window box planter with polished river rock or pebble tiles to create an old world ambiance for a country or rustic style. Waterproof construction adhesive attaches individual river rocks or 1-foot-square tiles to the outside of the planter. Place the river rocks close together so grouting is not necessary. Pebble tiles have a mesh backing you can cut to fit with scissors, making the application fast and simple. Grouting is necessary with pebble tiles.

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