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Floral bouquets hallmark special occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, funerals and many other affairs. Depending on the occasion, the types of flowers included in a floral bouquet vary in color, fragrance, texture and appearance. Putting together a bouquet of your own at home only requires flowers, a decorative vase and the desire to create something attractive and fresh.

Step 1

Choose a variety of colors to suit the type of bouquet you want to create. Many flowers make excellent floral bouquet additions, such as roses, carnations, lilies, orchids, baby's breath, sunflowers, daisies, dahlias and many more. To create a festive and seasonal bouquet, pick flowers that are native to the region in which you live, during their corresponding seasons.

Step 2

Stick to a color scheme to optimize the beauty of your floral bouquet. Flowers of deep red, such as roses, are excellent in a floral bouquet of white and yellow flowers. Pastels of blue, pink, purple and green make ideal flowers for a springtime bouquet of wildflowers.

Step 3

Choose a variety of different sizes to create interesting texture in your floral bouquet. For example, large blooms of the dahlia flower look amazing spread amongst a floral bouquet of small baby's breath blooms and long, skinny lavender spikes.

Step 4

Arrange the bouquet according to a the flowers' sizes in the vase. Place the largest, most showy flowers in the center of the bouquet to create a focal point, or centerpiece for observers to admire. Asiatic lily blossoms make for excellent focal point flowers in a floral bouquet due to their large, flamboyant petals and vibrant variations in color.

Step 5

Arrange the smaller flowers of the bouquet to accent the largest flowers of the center of the arrangement. Follow no specific design while arranging the smaller flowers, as they are mainly used to fluff out the bouquet and add touches of color to accentuate the larger blooms.

Step 6

Place contrasting foliage strategically throughout the floral bouquet to fluff it up a bit. Stalks of leafy bamboo, eucalyptus limbs and fern fronds look beautiful when placed into gapped areas of a floral bouquet.

Step 7

Tie a decorative bow around the neck or base of the vase in which the bouquet is placed. Display the bouquet on your dinner table or other place where it can be observed and enjoyed.

Things You'll Need

  • Assorted fresh flowers
  • Decorative vase
  • Silk ribbon (12" length, color optional)


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