How to Decorate Plant Shelves in the Home


A plant shelf is a recessed area or shelf built into the wall of a home. The shelves range in height from 12 inches (for shelves built into the wall) to over 12 feet tall (for shelves above doorways in homes with two-story walls). The irony of the plant shelf is that its height often makes it difficult to grow plants on it. Watering and caring for plants on a plant shelf may require a ladder and a long-spout watering can. Instead of placing greenery on a plant shelf, most homeowners fill these spaces with decorations.

Step 1

Decorate your plant shelf with holiday decor. Depending on the height of your plant shelf, place a mini-Christmas tree or a large vase full of ornaments on the shelf. In religious Christian households, a size-appropriate nativity scene works well. Accent the central element on the shelf with Christmas lights. During Easter, place an Easter tree or a basket filled with Easter eggs on the plant shelf. Use white or pastel-colored lights for accent.

Step 2

Place collections of vases or bottles for display on the plant shelf. For best effects, the vases or bottles should be in various sizes and shapes, but with a common color palette. For instance, bottles in shades of blues and green work well together, as do bottles in shades of brown, orange, and red.

Step 3

Display a collection of baskets on your plant shelf. Lay baskets in various shapes and sizes on the shelf, and mount some flat-bottomed baskets on the wall(s) above the shelf.

Step 4

Put up a collection of empty wine bottles if you are a wine lover. Use faux grapes as accent pieces. The faux grapes can surround bottles of wine and/or be draped gently over the edge of the shelf.

Step 5

Tie in your room's decor theme with a display on your plant shelf. For instance, in a kitchen, an open picnic basket with faux fruit and empty bottles of wine make a nice addition to the room. In an Asian-themed living room, use a large Asian vase in the center of the plant shelf. If room allows, place a Japanese tea set on the shelf along with the vase.

Things You'll Need

  • Vases
  • Holiday-themed decorations
  • Unique bottles
  • Baskets
  • Themed collections


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