How to Prevent Mushrooms From Growing in Your Yard


Mushrooms as well as other fungus can grow in your lawn if your yard is not properly cared for. Mushrooms create an unsightly lawn and can spread quickly to other areas if they are not controlled. Take preventative measures to control moisture in your yard and discourage mushroom growth.

Step 1

Water your lawn less frequently to prevent the growth of mushrooms. Mushrooms thrive in moist environments, so if you keep your soil dry, mushrooms will tend to die out in the area.

Step 2

Fertilize your lawn with a high-nitrogen fertilizer. Fertilizing keeps mushrooms at bay by speeding up the decomposition of the organic matter mushrooms feed on.

Step 3

Remove food sources for mushrooms. Keep your yard clean of pet feces as well as rotting mulch, and grind down tree stumps.

Step 4

Remove mushrooms as soon as you see them in your yard. If you pick them as soon as you see them start to grow, this may help eliminate the spores from spreading to other areas of your yard.

Things You'll Need

  • Nitrogen fertilizer


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