How to Control Blight & Fungus on Vegetables


Blight is common fungal disease found on vegetable plants, especially during wet weather. Blight disease causes a variety of symptoms, including visible fuzzy molds, wilting, discoloration and rot. If left unchecked, the disease can spread and damage or kill your vegetable garden. Begin disease control as soon as the plants display any kind of fungal disease.

Step 1

Clip away diseased leaves and fruits from plants with garden shears. Remove any vegetable plants that appear to be overcome with disease; any plants that are wilting, covered with fuzzy mold or discolored spots are suspect. Place all bad leaves and plants in a garbage bag for disposal.

Step 2

Rake debris away from plants affected by blight, including organic mulch.

Step 3

Apply a garden fungicide that is approved for use on vegetables. Follow directions carefully regarding harvesting after applying these chemicals as many fungicides require a waiting period before harvesting the vegetable. Wash the vegetables especially well.

Step 4

Stake vegetables to keep them from drooping and touching the ground. Prolonged contact of leaves, stems or fruit with the soil facilitates disease.

Step 5

Avoid watering vegetables in the late evening as watering any outdoor plant during this time means water evaporates too slowly, leaving the soil damp longer and the area humid and, therefore, more prone to fungus.

Tips and Warnings

  • Wash garden shears with one part bleach to nine parts water after using them to cut off infected leaves and fruit. Failure to do this risks transferring the disease to other plants. Clean garden gloves with disinfectant after handling diseased plants.

Things You'll Need

  • Garden shears
  • Garbage bag
  • Rake
  • Fungicide


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