How to Seed Bermuda Grass


While some variety of Bermuda grasses require planting by sodding, plugging or sprigging for successful growth, common type Bermuda grasses can be grown from seed, according to the University of Florida, IFAS Extension. Planting Bermuda grass can be challenging in some areas, mainly those in which the weather spends more of the year being cold than warm, but with the right preparation and technique, you can grow a Bermuda grass lawn almost anywhere.

Step 1

Begin planting your Bermuda grass during the most successful growing months of the year, April through September, when warm weather is the most consistent. Depending on the climate in the region where you live, you may need to way a little later in the year than April. Try not to begin planting until the soil reaches a temperature of at least 65 degrees Fahrenheit. According to Texas A&M's Horticulture Department, a soil temperature between 68 and 75 degrees is ideal.

Step 2

Plant 1 to 2 pounds of seed per 1,000 square feet. Choose hulled seeds for spring and summer planting to ensure that the seeds germinate quickly.

Step 3

Add fertilizer to the soil while planting the Bermuda grass seed. Use one pound of fertilizer for every 1,000 feet. If you know which type of fertilizer that works best with your soil, use that. If you aren't sure, the Texas A&M Horticulture Department, suggest a nitrogen fertilizer and the University of Central Florida recommends a complete nitrogen fertilizer as well.

Step 4

Water the seeded soil as needed. Set up a sprinkler system for a large yard or water by hand for a small plot. The University of Florida suggests setting coffee cans in the yard and running the sprinkler system or watering the lawn to determine how long it takes to fill the cans with 3/4 inch to 1 inch of water. When you determine the length of time it takes to fill the cans to that level, water the lawn for that length of time each day, or more than once a day in hot climates, if the soil dries out.

Things You'll Need

  • Bermuda grass seeds
  • Fertilizer
  • Sprinkler system or garden hose


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