How to Bind a Jade Plant


Jade plants are popular for indoor bonsai growing because they are easy to propagate with just a single leaf or cutting from a parent plant. One of the best ways to shape and train an evergreen succulent jade plant is to bind it. The plant will follow the desired growth pattern accordingly. Jade plants are slow-growing and do not require frequent binding pattern changes.

Step 1

Place a small stake into the dirt of the pot holding the jade plant near the branch to train to a new growth position.

Step 2

Cut approximately 10 inches of aluminum wire from the roll with the wire cutters. Use the tip of the wire cutters to make cutting the wire easier. According to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, aluminum wire is the best type to use for binding a jade plant.

Step 3

Hold an index card in your hand. Visually divide the index card into 1/4 sections lengthwise. Cut a strip off of the index card lengthwise.The index card protects the jade plant from wire damage during the binding process.

Step 4

Wrap the strip of index card around the jade plant branch near the stake from the previous step. The index card should cover the jade plant branch to protect it. Wrap the aluminum wire around the top of the stake just enough to secure the wire. Move the branch to the desired position. Wrap the aluminum wire around the index card.

Step 5

Cut remaining excess wire with the wire cutters. The amount of excess wire will vary depending on the size of the jade plant branch. Slip the index card out from under the aluminum wiring to remove it from the jade plant.

Step 6

Repeat the previous steps until all of the branches are in the desired growing positions. Cut the wiring from the stakes with the wire cutters. Remove all the stakes from the container holding the jade plant. Each branch should take between 5 to 15 minutes to bind and set into the desired growing position.

Tips and Warnings

  • Avoid wrapping the aluminum wiring too snugly against the jade branches to prevent cutting or bruising damage. Avoid watering the jade plant just after binding to prevent additional stress to the roots. Wait several days and then water if needed.

Things You'll Need

  • Jade tree
  • Small stakes
  • Wire cutters
  • Aluminum wire roll
  • Index card
  • Scissors


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