How to Grow Corn in a Greenhouse


Corn on the cob is a favorite part of BBQs, tailgating, family gatherings and picnics. This crop cane easily be grown at home, and even in places without year-round warm weather, if you're able to grow it in a greenhouse. Doing so requires some simple materials, but most importantly, a greenhouse, which can be hard to obtain.

Step 1

Prepare your greenhouse planting site. Corn requires full sun to grow, so your greenhouse will need clear glass or growing lights. Also make sure you have a greenhouse fan or windows that can open, as corn is pollinated via wind.

Step 2

Combine equal parts composted manure, organic material (such as grass and leaves) and good quality potting soil in a growing tray, or dig a hole approximately 3 fee deep and fill the hole with this mixture.

Step 3

Plant the corn seeds about 1 inch into the soil and 4 inches apart (seed is available at nurseries and garden stores). Keep the rows of corn 1 foot apart.

Step 4

Water the seeds often to keep them moist, but not soaked. Since greenhouses are controlled growing, you can use irrigation systems to do this.

Step 5

Continue to water your corn plants this way until they are about knee high. At this point, use a nitrogen supplement fertilizer and mulch around the base to protect the roots.

Things You'll Need

  • Corn seeds
  • Greenhouse
  • Shovel
  • Water
  • Manure/organic matter
  • Mulch
  • Nitrogen supplement fertilizer


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