How to Farm Bahia Grass


Bahia grass, a South American import, grows well in sunny locations along the U.S. Gulf Coast. With plenty of sun and warm weather, Bahia grass creates a beautiful, well-thatched lawn that requires little care other than occasional watering. Bahia can be farmed as a hay or it can be farmed for its seeds. In either case, it needs plenty of sun, water and little other attention. Bahia grass grows well in most soil types along the Gulf Coast.

Step 1

Choose a sunny location for your Bahia grass. Bahia needs direct sun and does not grow well in shaded areas.

Step 2

Water the existing vegetation for seven days to get all of the grass and weeds to grow and then spray them with a broad spectrum herbicide, which will soak in through the leaves and kills the roots. Do not spray on windy days or if rain is predicted for 24 hours. Protect other plants from any overspray.

Step 3

Stop watering. Wait seven days after spraying the herbicide and then rake the area with a hard steel rake to remove all dead vegetation and other debris.

Step 4

Rototill the area, breaking up the top 4 inches of soil. Rake once more with a hard steel rake, removing any roots that have been brought up along with any rocks and other debris. Use your rake to level the area.

Step 5

Use a seed spreader to spread Bahia seeds on top of the ground. Different varieties of Bahia require differing amounts of seeds per acre. Read and follow all directions. Do not overseed the area as too many seeds can cause weak grass plants that will compete with one other for nutrients. Rake lightly with your hard rake to cover the seeds with a thin layer of soil.

Step 6

Water the area down to 1 inch of soil. Keep watering to keep the ground damp but not soaked for 21 days until your Bahia is well established. Once established, add 1 inch of water to the soil per week, either through natural rainfall or irrigation.

Step 7

Cut your Bahia grass when it has grown sufficiently for hay (at least two or three mowings per season) or when seed tassles begin to turn brown.

Things You'll Need

  • Water
  • Broad spectrum herbicide
  • Rototiller
  • Hard steel rake
  • Bahia grass seed
  • Grass seed spreader
  • Sprinkler


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