How to Grow Salvia Seeds Indoors


Gardeners who want a head start on the growing season often plant seeds indoors before the growing season begins. This is a beneficial and economical way to start garden plants because seeds are generally less expensive than seedlings. Before planting salvia in a sunny, outdoor growing area, start the seeds indoors prior to the final spring frost. Use care as you handle the fragile seeds and seedlings.

Step 1

Fill the seed-starting tray or peat pots to the top with potting soil.

Step 2

Mist the top of the potting soil lightly with water to moisten the soil.

Step 3

Spread the salvia seeds carefully and evenly over the top of the potting soil. Do not cover the seeds, as they are tiny and fragile. Any amount of soil over the seeds may prevent them from germinating.

Step 4

Place the seed-starting tray or the peat pots beneath a grow light to provide ample light while the seeds are germinating.

Step 5

Water the potting soil every day by spraying lightly with the spray bottle. Do not over saturate the soil, but rather mist it finely to keep it moist. Watch for the salvia seeds to germinate within two to four weeks.

Step 6

Thin the salvia seedlings when they are approximately 2 inches tall. Remove the weakest salvia seedlings so the seedlings that remain are approximately 4 inches apart.

Step 7

Transplant the salvia seedlings outdoors after all threat of frost has passed. Space the seedlings 1 foot apart in a sunny, outdoor growing area. Transplant the salvia seedlings to a larger growing container to grow them indoors. Grow the salvia in an 8-inch diameter container in a sunny location indoors.

Things You'll Need

  • Seed-starting tray or peat pots
  • Potting soil
  • Spray bottle
  • Grow light
  • Growing container (optional)


  • Salvia Merchants: Grow Salvia
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